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Slum Development & Rehabilitation

The Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) and the Low Income Groups (LIG) households make vital contribution to the growth of a city and these households comprise about 75% of the housing stock requirements. Hence a city must provide for EWS & LIG housing in large numbers to become inclusive, vibrant and affordable. In the past, Government has tried to address these issues through the Revised Scheme for Affordable Urban Housing in Odisha, 2013. However, the lack of operative Guidelines had not allowed full utilisation of the policy. No housing projects have been implemented for EWS category in the last 10 years. This indicated the lack of adequate policy support in addressing concerns of housing in urban areas and further led to mushrooming of informal settlements (slums).


As there exists a link between affordable housing, slum rehabilitation and redevelopment, it was imperative to bring a unified policy framework with focus towards Housing for All (HFA). Accordingly, the Policy for "Housing for All in Urban Areas, Odisha, 2015" was framed and approved by the Government of Odisha which also has set an ambitious target for construction of 1,00,000 dwelling units for EWS and LIG households over the next 5 years.


Projects in this Sector aim to provide housing to EWS category living in slum areas. The projects will provide housing units to the EWS category with all the basic infrastructure facilities such as water supply, sewerage and sanitation.


Rehabilitation Project of Slums and Informal Settlements under Housing for All Policy for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) at Subudhipur, Satyanagar & Gadakana in Bhubaneswar by Bhubaneswar Development Authority.


Total Project Cost (Rs. Lakh)

No. of EWS Dwelling Units


2,122.24 342


6,047.11 928


8,661.01 1,392


16,830.36 2,662


These Projects aim to provide Housing / Dwelling Units to the EWS category living in adjoining slum areas of the Project sites i.e., at Subudhipur, Satyanagar & Gadakana in Bhubaneswar. The 3 Projects will provide 2,662 Dwelling Units in total with carpet area of 24.8 sqm each to the EWS category with all the basic infrastructure facilities such as water supply, sewerage and sanitation. Other facilities such as Shops, Health Centre, Primary Education Centre have also been proposed.