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Water Supply

As per the State Urban Water Supply Policy, all individuals must get at least 70 litres per capita per day (LPCD) of water which should be subsequently increased to 135 LPCD. The continuity in supply has to be progressively increased to attain 24/7. The policy also aims to ensure 100% household level coverage by direct piped house connection.

Water Supply projects are the thrust area sectors of OUIDF in terms of the agreement executed with KfW. For Focus area projects, 60% of the total fund received from KfW is to be invested in this sector.

Water Supply Projects taken-up by OUIDF

Water Supply to Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BeMC)

The objective of the Project is to improve the distribution system in the BeMC area and provide a network for 24x7 Water Supply. Domestic water requirement of Berhampur is 50.63 MLD @ 135LPCD for 375,000 population. The supply at present is 50 MLD of which 30 MLD is from Dakhinpur, 16 MLD from Rushikulya River and 4 MLD from 75 nos. of production wells. The supply reduces in summer due to the drying of the Rushikulya River. During the summers, the water supply is only 42 MLD. The Project is designed for a 30 year period. The design year is 2045 and base year is 2015. The capacity of Under Ground Reservoirs (UGRs), Elevated Storage Reservoirs (ESRs) and the distribution system have been designed for year 2045. In order to increase the capacity of source to meet the water demand of the design period, it has been decided by the Government to integrate the Augmentation of Water Supply from Janivilli source with the distribution network and implement both the Projects as a single EPC Project. The total Project Cost for the same is Rs.489 Cr. approx. Tenders have been invited and 8 bids have been received from potential bidders which are being evaluated.

Augmentation of Water Supply to Gopalpur N.A.C.

The Project proposes to augment the existing water supply for Gopalpur NAC. At present the water supply to the town is 62 LPCD against a demand of 135 LPCD. Thus to eliminate the demand- supply gap, the Project proposes to tap water from the existing Rushikulya Joint Water Supply System to an existing hill top reservoir. The Project components include gravity and pumping transmission mains, underground reservoir and a pump house including all machinery and electrification works. The water shall be distributed to the Gopalpur Town from the hill top reservoir through an existing distribution network. This distribution system is proposed to be renovated and extended in order to cover the entire town. Design period is 30 years. The Project Cost for the same is Rs.5.29 cr. approx. Contractor appointed for execution and the Project is expected to be completed in a years time.

Bulk Water Supply Project for IIT Bhubaneswar, NISER, Infocity-II and Adjoining Areas in PPP

Bhubaneswar having occupied the apex position in the Smart City list declared by GoI, the provision of supplying safe drinking water on a 24x7 basis simultaneously achieving the objectives of State Water Policy 2013 (100% coverage) needs no over emphasis. The State government is committed to develop the Water Supply System for institutes like IIT Bhubaneswar, NISER, INFOCITY-II and the adjoining Municipalities of Khurda and Jatni. The Project was conceived under PPP mode and Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd. (MEIL) has been selected as the Concessionaire by the State Government with the approval of Govt. of India.

The Project involves a total outlay of Rs.188 Cr. approx. and Viability Grant of Rs.37.50 Cr. and Rs.12.50 cr. have been also sanctioned by GoI & GoO respectively. OUIDF has also provided Loan of Rs.40 Cr. for this project. The project implementation is under progress and likely to be completed by December 2017

The proposed Intake location is near Munduli Barrage on Mahanadi. The location is at 100m upstream of existing Intake Structure. The proposed Raw Water Transmission (pumping) main starts at the intake and continues along the (Munduli) barrage road for almost 1 km until in turns to enter WTP. A total of three (3) pumps each of 50% capacity of total flow are proposed. The Treatment Plant is designed for a capacity of 52 MLD of raw water and to provide 50 MLD of treated water of the specified quality with 20 hrs of operation.

The satellite towns of Bhubaneswar (Khorda and Jatni) are growing rapidly. The existing Water Supply System of Khurda was designed for a capacity of 4.5 MLD. This capacity is already insufficient for the current population. The source (River Daya) is not reliable in summer. The existing Water Supply System of Jatni is from tube-wells supplying not more than 2 MLD. In view of the urban expansion in next three decades, the PHEO, GoO in line with the State Water Plan of Orissa has decided to develop the Water Supply System for institutes like IIT Bhubaneswar, NISER, INFOCITY-II and the adjoining Municipalities of Khurda and Jatni.

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